Photography by Cathy Jo: Blog en-us (C) Photography by Cathy Jo (Photography by Cathy Jo) Sat, 09 May 2015 22:34:00 GMT Sat, 09 May 2015 22:34:00 GMT Brynlee at 7 Days New! Brynlee was a pure joy to photograph! And what an exciting time for these first time parents; Janae and Dual, their excitement was infectious. 

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Knox's Newborn Session!    This family loves to hunt and I am sure Knox will be ready to join Mommy and Daddy and his sisters soon!

I think this should be titled...."don't mess with our baby brother!" These girls will have Knox's back until he gets a little older :)

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Elijah Here is little Elijah at 6 days new with his big brother Evan. As you can see these boys are ready for some football AND Christmas!

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Kate's Newborn Session!

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Isiah welcomed by big sister Flynn!

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Will's Newborn Session


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2014 Recap - Part 2


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2014 Recap - Part 1  

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Mary Jo and David's Garden of Eden Engagement Session!
Can't wait to witness the marriage of these two, I know it will be full of love and laughter!


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I love when parents bring their own personal items to incorporate into a newborn session! Daddy is a volunteer fireman and I love how these photos show just how tiny this little peanut is and how safe and content she is in Daddy's hands!


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Miss Liesel
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First Communion

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Oh Baby! Babies from 2013

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Gretchen - 5 Days New!
Meet sweet little Gretchen; she picked a perfect time for her arrival, right before the April blizzard of 2013!

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Kaidyn - St. Patty's Day Birthday Girl! 

This little lady turns one on St. Patrick's Day so her mother brought her this cute little St. Patty's cake. I can honestly say I have never seen a baby enjoy her first cake more than Kaidyn enjoyed hers! It was so much fun capturing the intensity in which she attacked her cake. Kaidyn is a girl after my own heart - there is nothing better than birthday cake!


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Childrens Photography, Kason is ONE! Kason is quite the charmer with his blue eyes and good looks; we had a fun session to mark his first birthday. Such an easy smile and lots of personality in his expressions!

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Newborn Photography; Maverick at 11 days new handsome little man! I love your newborn squishiness to pieces!



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Shana and Joe's Wedding What a perfect day for this couple! During a summer of record breaking heat, these two were lucky enough to have temps in the 70's on their wedding day in August! We enjoyed cool breezes off of the Missouri River as we captured these photos on the Merridean Bridge at Yankton.


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Landen - Newborn Session
After a drive of two and a half hours from Omaha for this photo session, I was worried that Landen would be wide awake, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easily he went to sleep! Even after a little bit of wrangling to get him in his Dad's pocket! I just love how this little guy is so tenderly supported and protected by his Daddy's hand. And I want to say, thanks to Nick for his service to our county, and thank you to his family for the sacrifices they have made also.


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A Family Lifestyle Session from 2012
Now, that I have a little extra time, I'm going back and adding some of my favorite photo sessions from this past year to my blog. I loved this photo session with the Wilkings out on their acreage; a beautiful family on an early summer day. What a great way to commemorate Teegan's first birthday!
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